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Complaint Resolution

When dealing with a complaint, and ultimately the outcome, a full and final settlement may be offered to you. It is important to understand what a full and final settlement is and how that could impact your complaint or any further action you may wish to take.

A full and final settlement or full and final offer is generally discussed with a Policyholder prior to it being confirmed by email. However there are circumstances, such as when email only contact is possible or requested, that verbal agreement is not discussed prior. This does not alter the legitimacy of the settlement or offer.

An offer or settlement can take the form of actions or/and monetary amount(s). We will always confirm the actions and amounts in an email to a policyholder. The actions will be confirmed in an email titled “Complaint Resolution“.  We do not send postal confirmation.

Acceptance of a full and final settlement prohibits you from taking any further action in relation to your complaint and is legally binding. This includes escalation or referral to Trading Standards, the Financial Ombudsman Service or any other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service. If, at a later date, you choose to refer your complaint to any of the aforementioned parties then we reserve the right to take legal action against you to recover any financial losses as a result of the action.  Your agreement to the full and final settlement will be used as evidence to support the case.

If you agree a full and final settlement you cannot share the details of this on any social media, review platform or discuss it with any media (online or offline) outlet.  That would include, but not exclusively; Facebook, Instagram, Google and Trustpilot.  As part the settlement you are also required to remove any review, comment, image or media you have placed online relating to your experience with PEX Insure and any of it’s trading names; Nova Direct and Zugar Znap.  This also extends to any individual that has or is dealing with a c complaint on your behalf.

Finally, a full and final settlement is exactly that.  Full and final.  A complaint, relating to the same subject or matter, would not be reopened after a full and final settlement has been agreed (verbally, online or in writing) and the complaint would be closed.  Furthermore, a full and final settlement cannot be altered or amended, nor can consent be later withdrawn once it has been agreed.

Last Updated : 12th May 2023